Saturday, October 27, 2012

Family Photos

Look at their cute little shoes!

I don't take family photos.
It drives my extended family nuts. It really does.
I would LOVE to have a family photo shoot every year...
But that takes time to coordinate.
AND I'm I don't want to pay for them.
AND it just doesn't occur to me until everyone else is handing out THEIR photos and I think, "That would have been a good idea. Maybe in the spring..."

You see, family photos also mean that I have to get in front of a camera (which I am not as willing to do when the scale (and photos, and my pants) tell me that I have packed on a few pounds). There is always hope for spring...

Within this past year, my extended family has seemed to get a bit more, um, insistent...
***flashback to last Christmas and my brother, Dave, saying, "The picture I have hanging on my wall is OLD. Your boys are like 6 years old. I need a new one...and I don't want some stupid snapshot. I want a REAL picture."***
It made me laugh at the time (and determined to take a snapshot for him).

So now, another Christmas is nearing...and it's time.
I'm still cheap...but I'm in the 'I can tolerate myself' range on the scale...and my father has thrown his hat in the 'pressuring Becky for a picture' ring.
Can you just hear him saying, "The picture on my desk at work has your kids looking as young as their little cousins." *sigh*

So, I started coordinating.
I grabbed my digital camera, my family, and my artistic niece, Juli, and we headed for the park.
Having an adult niece who is willing to artistically collaborate and snap photos (even though she has never done a photo shoot before) is REALLY a blessing.
Everyone should have one. She's awesome.
I plan to pay her in love and coffee...and maybe lunches. (I told you she is awesome.)

OK, so it's not "professional"...but it's the closest brother Dave is going to get.
I was determined to make it a snapshot, after all.
(I'll see if I can edit them in Photoshop and make them look even better once I get them narrowed down.)

This is where you all come in.
HELP! I have too many family photos to choose from.

I need ONE kid photo and ONE family photo to hand out to the grandmas.
I like candid shots, but I know grandma's like posed shots.
I sent this photo in an email to my family...but Grandma responded that it didn't count and that we looked like we saw something TERRIBLE.
Fam Pic #1

My dad actually said he would use it. I think his words were, "At least it's a RECENT photo."
Yah, I come by my snarky attitude honestly.

If you could do me a favor and vote on the would help.
I may have to make an album. Of course, that may be weird. My kids will have 5 pictures that represent their lives in 2012...and a whole album that we took on ONE October day. Ah well, I guess they can take what they can get.

Feel free to suggest changing colors to black and white or sepia tone...or even if a background needs cropped or blurred.

And off we go...
(You can click on a picture to view all the photos larger, but keep in mind you'll miss out on all my little comments if you ONLY look at them that way.)
Kid Pic #1
Evan's smile only looks natural when he's being ornery, so I like photos when he's ornery.

Kid Pic #2 (see, Evan is missing the ever-present twinkle in his eye)

Kid Pic #3 - Candid, my kids in their element

Kid Pic #4

Kid Pic #5 (with instruments, but actually looking at camera)

OK, now for the family...
Fam Pic #2

Fam Pic #3
 (We are all smiling! I can crop this in, but I like how Evan is standing, so I left it. It's so him.)

Fam Pic #4
I probably need to brighten our faces on this and mess with contrast if we pick it.

Fam Pic #5
It takes OH SO MANY photos to get us all smiling somewhat naturally.

Fam Pic # 6
I like the hand holding, but will have to get some advice on how to make our faces show up on such a bright background.
 The next few pictures aren't really in contention...but I had to include them for you all to see.
(I mean, most of you won't be in my living room looking at our "One Fine Day in October" family album.)
If you've ever tried to take a picture of Clay, you know he favors the "JCPenney  Pose". He, of course, insisted we  all play along. Can't you just picture us in a catalog?

Love Evan's face and Micah's sweet gaze.  :)

Love this pic...but LOOK AT THE SIZE OF CLAY'S HEAD! (I look like a giant sitting on a  child.)

I just think I look skinny in this picture, so I included it.

Grandma should be happy I didn't send her THIS one. Clay's head will never be the same.

Or THIS one. (We discovered it gets quite "buggy" in the middle of a flower garden.)

And finally, another one of Clay's favorites: The Album Cover
A bunch of people looking 'too cool' for the camera.
Of course, our little band needs to come up with a proper name.