Friday, June 21, 2013

Tortilla Pizza

I was looking in our fridge for something easy to throw together for lunch.
"Let's see, what on earth can I make with  tortillas, a partial bag of shredded cheese and that half a jar of spaghetti sauce that is lurking in the back shelf?"

Brilliance. That's what I made.
(a.k.a. A Tortilla Pizza)
It has less bread than a regular quesadilla and less calories than a regular pizza. 
It has TOMATO sauce on it so my boys (almost, kind of) get a vegetable!
Each kid can pick his own toppings. 
My boys make them all by themselves with ingredients that I always have on hand.

If they are still hungry after their individualized pizza is gone, I can make them eat fruit and vegetables.
I mean, they ate a "whole pizza"! (They can't even argue with that logic. Good stuff!)
I am just irritated that I didn't do this before.
(Feel free to make a comment and brag about how many YEARS you have been making these and how they have made your life so much easier...and how it's ABOUT TIME that I put two and two together and joined in the fun.)
*sidenote: My friend, Tami, told me a month  ago that she makes pizza on Flatout bread because it is thin crust and lower calorie. I thought, "I'm too cheap to buy Flatout bread." It DIDN'T EVEN OCCUR TO ME to use a tortilla. 

Cooking instructions: (Becky style - which means vague)
I broiled them to melt the cheese.
My boys sometimes bake them for 10 minutes or so on 350 (because that is the temperature the oven automatically goes to).

Now that I blogged about this...I'm off to buy more tortillas before my crew discovers the shortage and decides on mutiny.


  1. It looks very tasty. I gonna cook something similar tomorrow.

  2. Great idea. Never thought of it but sure that my grand kids will love them


  3. Little Schrock loves to make quesadillas. He layers cheese between two tortillas and then again on the top. He feels like he's 'cooking,' I think, and can whip it up himself.

    But I love the idea of putting pizza sauce on it. If I'd keep pepperoni on hand, they could add that, too.

    Great idea!!


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