Thursday, September 13, 2012

The blogs I haven't written...

I've started 16 different blog drafts.
Some of them have a sentence written down to spark words at a later time.
Some actually include a few paragraphs that I've been meaning to expound upon.
Some of them have been drafts for a very, very long time.

Since purging unused clutter is cathartic to me, I'm getting rid of all those individual posts.
It's time.
But since a few of them make me giggle...I've decided to share their "beginnings" with all of you.

Here goes:
I just walked by a hotel mirror (naked, because that happens when you are getting ready to take a shower), and I thought, "Wow! I actually like this mirror." Really?! Oh yes.
How did THAT even happen? I generally can't stand to see myself *ahem* in that condition.
It made me think of this ecard I saw on Pinterest. - I think it's weird how somedays I feel skinny and somedays I feel like a busted can of biscuits.

Biscuit days definitely tend to outweigh skinny days lately (pun intended). Maybe it's because of all the biscuits I've been eating?
Oh well, it was such a nice moment to walk by the mirror and accept myself as I am. It was a rare moment...but I gotta say, it was a nice one.

I didn't plant a single flower this summer. Not one.
I have five empty pots of dirt sitting around the perimeter of my home which have weeds growing in them. (Two of them right by the front door announcing to the world that my INTENTION was to have flowers.)

Ironically, I smile a little when I look at them because I've been "set free".
(Free from jumping through that particular hoop anyway.)
I just couldn't justify it this year.
The money to buy the plants, the time to plant them, and the energy to water them twice a day in the 100 degree heat...not this year.
They will come again when the "why?" of their existence trumps the "why not?".
Maybe when my kids are grown and I need SOMETHING to take care of? We'll see.

This little scenario represents a bit of the journey I've been on with God.
A constant questioning, a consistent undoing, a continual releasing...
Clarity comes as I let go of my own expectations and the expectations of others.
Peace comes as I ask God the "why?" and "why not?".

Wow, I need to grow up.
I was so brainwashed by my 1985 middle school classmates that the after-effects are still felt today.
(at least I'm blaming them since only a handful of them read my blog. Don't worry friends, you PERSONALLY aren't the cause of my immaturity...well, probably.)

So anyway, my 11 year old son just leaned over and kissed me and then cuddled with me - RIGHT IN FRONT OF OTHER KIDS!! 
Shocked? Me too! 
But here's the rub...this warped mother of his, internally cringed. Yep, I said it.
I kept hoping that the other kids wouldn't notice him actually LOVING his mother. 
I didn't want those junior high kids to turn on him! 
Plus, what if the other adults start to think he's a wuss? (He's not wuss. Not by a longshot. In fact, this act actually demonstrates his strength; but I know that most people are just as immature as me and they'd miss that.)

*Sigh* Maybe someday I'll grow up and be more like my 6th grader, but maybe I shouldn't hold my breath until that happens. Or worse, maybe he'll "grow up" and decide it's no longer OK to hug his Mama in public. *shudder* Let's not even go there.

I force my opinions about food on others. I do.
For instance:

I don't want my friends to be close-minded about any food. 
Don't tell me you hate vegetables, you just THINK you do.
(Don't worry - I got your back. We'll make this work.)
Don't tell me you don't eat venison, I'll just hide it in your stew...OK, maybe I won't hide it. Probably I won't hide it...
Simply put, when I find out that someone has "issues" with a food or a food genre, I make it my mission to change their opinion. It's a sickness. I know.

Along that note, I have a personal goal to make sure that all my friends have tasted a raw turnip.
(Ah, c'mon...even my KIDS will eat these things!) 
Raw and with a bit of salt, turnips are a tasty little addition to a vegetable tray. 
I had never even tasted one until I was married...and I realized that I was missing out!
You see, my dad always said he didn't like turnips, so my mom never made them. 

(They had both only ever had them cooked.) 
Then, Clay opened my eyes to the flavor of a raw turnip.
I'm not a fan of "old" turnips, they get hot like a radish, but a "good" turnip is a real treat.
Trust me, you just need to come over so I can force help you to try one.
Turnips are similar to kohlrabi, but less sweet.
(Wait, don't tell me you've never had raw Kohlrabi! Maybe we need to eat those when you come over too?) 
I just don't want any of you to miss out on these healthy choices...even if you hate vegetables. 

My husband and I drag invite friends to restaurants which serve (good*) sushi rolls. We let them order whatever food they want, but we order sushi rolls (which coordinate with their taste preferences) and then we threaten to make a scene if they don't try one. 
We've got some pretty adventurous friends (or friends that bow to peer pressure as they imagine the names that we WILL call them for the rest of their lives if they wimp out choose not to partake) so all of them have given in and tried one.
(I should add: EVERY ONE OF THEM has actually liked it - so far.)
*Warning: Not all sushi rolls are equal, go with someone who has had it before. Go with someone who knows your tastes. DO NOT JUST ORDER A CALI ROLL BECAUSE THE WAITRESS TELLS YOU TO (like my friend Woody), because Cali rolls can really suck be a let down if you like flavorful food.

I drag my friends onto my diet bandwagons. It's a fact, I don't like to diet alone. It's so much easier to be excited when I have someone to be excited WITH. I'm not even sure it's possible for me to be faithful to a diet unless I feel like I'm cheating on a PERSON, and not just my waistline when I pick up a cookie. I've got self-control in SPADES when it comes to resisting sweet yummy treats for a friend...but none when it comes down to just me and my little taste buds. (It's part of my spiritual journey I'm still working on. Just imagine how much glory God will get when I finally conquer my infatuation with chocolate chip cookie dough!)
I've been eating "no sugar, no starch" this week...anyone want to join me?

Well crud, that was only FOUR of the blog drafts I was hoping to purge (and this post is already getting too long).
I deleted a few others, so now there are only 6 more  taunting me waiting to be finished...
That's ALMOST manageable. We'll see.


  1. I've been lurking on your blog for a few weeks now and I just wanted to say hi. I really enjoy your posts even though I'm not a homeschool mom (or a mom at all....maybe someday). Definitely hope this blog is still around when I have kids. :)

    1. Thanks so much for introducing yourself! I LOVE interaction. It lets me know that I'm not just talking to myself. :)

  2. Yea! Cheering you for your "skinny day" moment. And wishing you lots more of them. :)


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