Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Laughs

Christmas just keeps getting better as our kids get older.
You see, our favorite form of worship is laughter...and our kids just keep getting funnier.

Last night, we went to the extended family Christmas Eve party.
Lots of home cooking, praising our Savior, and children performing.
Yep, it's a family tradition that kids must entertain the crowd.
They sing, they dance, they perform skits or read poems.
This year, our boys decided to shake things up for the older crowd...and brought electric guitars and drums. In true Rassi style, they also made us laugh a little - so the song didn't seem so long.
*sidenote* Evan IS singing; but with his cold, the microphone being too low, and the drums blaring...Micah was a bit surprised to hear that this sounds a lot like a solo.

Christmas morning has been wonderful.
Due to colds and late nights, the family slept in.
Well, everyone but me.
I got to spend time in the quiet, praising God - for becoming man, conquering death, and showing us how to live in this world.
That quiet time was such a wonderful gift, and then this little blessing showed up.
Evan has been working on his "Christmas Outfit" for a couple of weeks.
For years, the Rassi family has told hopeful little children (ornery too, since they are Rassis) that all they are getting for Christmas is "A glass of milk and a spankin' machine."
This year, each boy independently decided to wrap a special present to surprise his brother.
Micah spent an hour building his gift out of Fishertechnics.
He was giggling to himself and couldn't wait to see the look on Evan's face.
The motorized "Spanking Machine".
Unbeknownst to him, Evan was also full of anticipation. He was bursting at the seems to see how Micah reacted when he unwrapped the following gift...
Yes, it's a glass of milk...and our "spanking spoon".
In our house, a successful surprise must be followed by a giggle, an emotional sigh (these come from ME, of course), or a scream.
I'm quite glad they chose giggles this year (because I am also the main screamer).

The boys started off the gift-giving with their pranks, and quickly moved on to the "real" presents.
(Something they want, something they need, something educational.)
In the middle of all it, Clay and I opened up our gifts as well.
By the reaction (more a hearty laugh than a giggle), I would say that THIS was Clay's favorite gift of the day.

If you don't understand why this is funny. Go ahead, yell across the room, "What's Updog?"
See what your friends and family say...it might help explain.
If not, then make a comment below, and I'll explain it to you.

Well, Christmas is not yet over.
I'm off to cook and eat and giggle some more.
I hope you are all taking time to worship Jesus in your own special ways.
(And I'd like to recommend laughter as method that is always enjoyed.)

Luke 2:10 
But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people".


  1. Is the entertainment on you tube? What is UPDOG or do I really why to know?

    Signed Gramps

    1. The entertainment is not on youtube, just my blog for now. If you need it on youtube, let me know.
      And as far as the shirt is concerned...
      As you ask "What's Updog?"
      Know that Clay hears it, "What's up, Dawg?"
      Then he responds, "Not much, What's up with you?
      Love you Dad!

  2. This was so fun to read and your family is definitely known for laughing...which I love!! I love Evan's outfit and Clay's shirt! Thanks for the explanation of the shirt because I didn't get it until you explained it and then I loved it! Yeah, I am honest :) jess

  3. So funny! Your kids are hilarious, Becky. I love this.

    And why do I think they get to live longer because Mama likes to laugh? Hmm? :D

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year that will not, hopefully, involve too many motorized spankings.

    Waving and grinning,



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