Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pinterest Ruined My Stinkin' Blog

Heather: So...I was on Pinterest the other day....
Me: Mmhmm...
Heather: I happened to click on a link about slushies... and next thing I know, I'm looking at YOUR BLOG!!!

That silly do-it-yourself-slushie post has had over 225,000 visits.
If you don't know which post I'm talking about, I'm not even going to give you the link.
It doesn't need any more attention than it's already gotten.

You see, I thought getting a post on Pinterest was a great idea for sparking interest in my the time.
(sidenote: It's amazing how many of our family train-wreck-moments end with, "I thought it was a great the time.")

I came to a point where I began to hate that popular little slushie post.
All those visits to my blog took the wind right out of my sails.
Sounds backwards, doesn't it?
You'd think I would be HAPPY that all those people came to my blog, but I wasn't (after the first 50,000 hits). I came to realize that very few of those Pinterest followers read my slushie post and thought, "I wonder what else this lovely gal has to say."
I noticed that most of my visitors were content to USE me for my slushie knowledge.
Yep, I said it...I felt used. (OK, so maybe that is a bit melodramatic, but I never said that my kids get their flare for dramatic effect from their dad.)
The reality that "slushie interest" did NOT translate to "blog interest" became a dark mist that crept up around me. So many Pinterest people visiting, so few people actually READING anything I have to say. "What's the point?" I would think.

So that is what I've started processing. What IS the point to
For me, it's not about blog traffic. Thank you, Pinterest, for teaching me that lesson.
It's not about approval. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still want you all to think I'm funny and likable...and godly...and a good mom...(and all kinds of other things which will only be satisfied when I look to God INSTEAD of you.)

I've decided that the point is:
  • To remember funny things that happen to my family...because I will forget them.
  • To share the lessons God is teaching me. I need an easy way to remember God's movement in my life. If I write the lessons down, maybe I can have the added bonus of my boys reading them when they are ready to hear the wisdom that sounds like "Wah Wah Wah" right now. Maybe they will learn from my lessons too...someday.
  • To share my history. I spend all day with my kids and still haven't shared half of the stories I have from my childhood or from courtship with their father. My history made me...and it has played a major role in making them who they are. It is also full of humor...and I think others can stroll down their own memory lane as they laugh at mine.
  • To count my daily blessings rather than focus on the negative. I ALWAYS want to remember how much I enjoy my marriage and being a mom. I want this blog to be an account of that in 40 well as tomorrow or next week if I have a day when I struggle.
I think it's time to clear the mist away and start writing again.
Thanks for sticking around to see what happens.


  1. If it makes you feel better, I saw this post in my blog reader because I subscribed to your blog after reading that pinned slushie post. :)

    1. So funny! It actually DOES make me feel better. :)
      Glad you decided that I might have something else to say. Welcome.

  2. I, too, came here from your slushie post, and have followed you ever since (though I might have accidentally lurked for awhile).
    I'm a married working woman with no kids yet, but my husband and I are planning for the future and it is so comforting to read your blog posts and hear advice for when I get to that stage in my life. It makes me feel like I already have support and am not alone in parenting (even though I don't have kids....yet!)

    I've also forwarded the link to your blog on to two of my friends who read it (and I didn't even mention the slushie post to them!)

    Thanks for being an encouragement! :D

    1. Glad I can BE an encouragement...and glad you decided to lurk. (I'm big on lurking myself.)
      Thanks for sharing the love.
      Thanks for commenting.
      You are an encouragement to me!

  3. Yep, me too. I still haven't even tried the slushy magic fake out nor have I bought one. I am still here and so happy to have found you. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  4. I am a faithful follower of course! Looking forward to future posts! :) Jess Frye

  5. Well, I just found your blog because of the slushy post, and I have every intention of adding you to my blog reader. I homeschool 2 girls, and I love that you added the science part of the slushies. I love finding homeschool blogs through Pinterest. :D

    1. Yes, even after my angst against Pinterest, I have to admit - I find it quite handy myself. :)

  6. Ha ha, I came here from the slushie on pinterest and have been sitting here enjoying a very rare trapse through another person's blog. I used to blog but gave it up for facebook and pinterest. But I have to say it's nice to find a blog that is still able to engage, teach, and entertain all at the same time. I'm glad I got up a little early today because it gave me just that little bit of extra time to sit and read content instead of 5 second blurbs. =)

    1. Welcome! Welcome!
      And thanks so much for stopping to chat.
      (Since you used to write a blog, I'm sure you understand how WONDERFUL those affirming words can be. I might just keep writing a bit longer because of them.) :)
      I hope you get to come by again.
      Guess I shouldn't complain so much about that darn slushy post. :)

  7. Another slushie gal Found you from the slushie staying for the wonderful blog. Thank you!

  8. I just wanted to tell you that I actually discovered your blog from that slushie pin on Pinterest. I went through your blog and couldn't stop reading! You're funny and inspirational. I'm glad I decided to click the link!

  9. I also wanted to share with you that I found your blog thanks to the very clever slushy post and am very thankful that you posted it to Pinterest. While I can surely understand your concerns I am thankful for it. I am a mother of 2 kids, my son is 10 and my daughter is 5, I work full time+ and manage to try and fit in time for my crafting and fun time with the kids. My life feels like utter chaos most of the time but I am so thankful for that chaos because in the midst of it I know I have been blessed with soooo much. I have always been a “Christian” but more in the sense of your first meaning on one of your posts as in being comfortable with it. I know who he is and that we are to be thankful for everything he has done for us but I am trying to grow and be closer to God. I have never felt him talk to me and I am looking forward to that moment. You blog is a blessing and after sitting on here for almost 2 hours I found your post about Pinterest ruining your blog and had to make a comment (even though you may never see it, since it is pretty outdated by now) and share that I feel you too are a blessing for sharing your feelings on life and faith so well. I look forward to reading your new posts and catching up on those I have missed. Sorry for the winded note but I really can relate to you posts and feel I was meant to stumble upon this blog so thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and life stories with ME!!

    1. Saw it. MADE.MY.DAY!
      You blessed me by letting me know that God is blessing you. Thank you!


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