Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Lost on Christmas Morn...

Our little noisemakers have learned the power of mood music, so Silent Night was streaming softly from the Ipod. Coffee was brewing, the lights were dim...and we all watched Daddy stumble into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of hazelnut and caffeine.
Did I mention the coffee was STILL brewing? Luckily, I'm married to a saint - so he chuckled quietly while cleaning coffee off the counter (even though his wife was cackling at his sleepy mistake from across the room). THAT is how Christmas should start.

Big brother came racing toward me, pen and gift in hand.
"Mom! You have to sign Dad's gift! We forgot!"
The pointing and snorting were soon directed MY way as I distractedly signed my youngest SON'S name...oops.
Little Shnook felt special with his name on the package there was no sense in scribbling it out. We all knew what I MEANT to write...

There were not many gifts to open this morning at Christmas number ONE (gift palooza with all the grandparents would happen soon enough), but we made sure each precious unwrapping was memorable in it's own special way.
My little actor put on quite the production when he opened this gift from his brother.
Who would expect a 9-year-old to get THAT expression over socks? (especially a child who often revolts against being fully clothed - notice the unbuttoned shirt.)

Next we giggled as Dad opened a Star Wars t-shirt where Darth Vadar "sometimes makes a face like this"...

And the comical anecdotes shared while explaining just WHY a pogo stick really ISN'T safe for ages 9 to NINETY-NINE would have made even the Grinch crack a smile.

Finally, what could make a Mother's moment sweeter than opening her gift to find out that she "lost the game."
Confused? Let me explain... We've been playing the game where one player tries to get others to look at a hand making the OK sign.
For instance:

You lose.
You looked at the photo.
I don't care if you weren't still lost.
According to the rules, I should be able to punch you now. Maybe someone nearby can do it for me. Or maybe you can play by Rassi rules just this once. You see, after many a harsh lesson learned while playing "Slug Bug", we decided that family unity requires less bruising. (Plus, the kids want Mom to play...and Mom needs to be treated like a lady - at least when it comes to fists.)

So, this morning I opened a beautiful pair of leather gloves from my adoring children...
Do you see it coming? Yes, the forefinger of the glove was taped securely to the thumb.

So I got my "boring ol' Mom gift" and the men in my life got to have some fun.
We all hooted with laughter as they shouted in unison, "YOU LOSE."

Merry Christmas All!
Hope you laugh a bit yourselves while you celebrate the ONE who blessed us with the ability to giggle. Feel free to come back and share what makes YOU chortle on Christmas morn as well.
God Bless!


  1. Can I just tell you this blog bugged me because I hate to lose and there is no way I could have avoided looking at that picture!! :) Ha, laughing right now! Great post as always! Loved the Pogo I am picturing a 99 year old trying to get on that thing :) Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. To post "LOL" just doesn't quite cut it. I literally cracked up, got up from my desk, got my wife to come look, and then continued to laugh. I'm not sure there is a more apropos gift for Clay than that shirt. Fantastic then!Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. You guys (gal) are hillarious...such a fun family! :)


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