Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, SUNDAY, Sunday

I LOVE Sundays.
It doesn't matter if the family worships at home or with 500 of our closest friends, Sunday tends to be a good day.

Yesterday did have a rough start. (A sleepover with friends caused my boys to slumber past their usual crack of dawn, and rushing out the door was a bit of a shock to their little homeschooled systems.)...But a few cranky altercations do not a Sunday ruin.

Rocky moments were easily forgotten as I saw light bouncing off my diamond ring in the quiet church sanctuary.  (For some reason, it sparkles more there than ANYWHERE ELSE ON EARTH. I think it's God's way of reminding me how beautiful marriage is meant to be.)
Tense mornings can't compete with the peace produced from voices that sing out praises, from truth that is preached, or from hearing my my husband share something meaningful in Sunday School. (He doesn't teach a class; but all kinds of good stuff is locked up inside his head, and Sunday worship lets some of it out.)

So, church ends and I'm filled with love for my man, renewed energy to serve God, and a stronger connection to fellow believers (ADULT CONTACT for a stay-at-home mama - woo hoo!)...then, we drive off the lot and join back into "real life".

I generally don't relax well. I'm always thinking of things I "should" be doing.
My brain runs at high speed, connecting things that have NO business being connected. Most days, I have an overactive sense of responsibility...but Sunday tends to be different.
No, I can't shut off my brain *taking a moment to daydream about THAT luxury*,
but something inside my head makes a subtle shift.
God COMMANDED me to take a day to rest each week.
Rest. Because God said. *Big, happy sigh*

I still tend to accomplish a lot on Sunday (rest is relative when you are "Mom" - and a social butterfly like myself), but my ATTITUDE changes. I see anything I do as a "bonus" rather than an expectation. I let myself stop jumping through hoops and actually ENJOY the moments that fill the day.

My perspective changes...because God said.
I spend the morning focusing on God (often with my husband's arm around me), and we calmly live in that focus the rest of the day. Aaaaah, Sunday...

God also mentioned that I could trust in Him, not be anxious, and praise Him for my blessings ALWAYS...but I haven't managed to accomplish that one yet.
Maybe I'll start by pretending TODAY is Sunday too. *looking at my ring*
Time to "have church" and focus on God with my kids.
Crank up the worship music boys...I'll be teaching Sunday School. (And, yes, Math CAN be a religious experience.)

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