Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jesus was a Smelly Little Boy

I've spent the last few days contemplating the whole idea of God becoming Man.
Infinite Creator of the Universe...itty bitty living space.

God took a part of Himself and sent it to Earth.
Whatever the human, touchable Jesus part felt...the all-powerful, uncomprehensible part ALSO experienced.
God came as a fragile baby, stumbled as an unstable toddler, played as a sweaty, dirt-covered 9-year-old... THAT. blows. my. mind.

I look at my boys and wonder what Jesus was like.
He giggled. He sneezed. He yawned. He submitted to the authority of parents. He loved others.
I often see the image of God in my little boys, but I don't often think of God sharing the image of them. At one time, GOD was a smelly little boy...*thoughtful smile*
I love that.

It helps me love Him in a whole, NEW WAY.
It makes Him REAL - with an added dimension.
Still perfect, but not untouchable. Still experiencing life...but innocently.
Still getting dirty...but not sinning. Still showing us how to LIVING.
THAT's how much we matter to Him.

I love days like today.
Time off, time together...for the sake of celebrating our GOD.
Let's not forget Him.
Let's not limit Him.
Let's explore the depth of Him - so we can be more like Him.


  1. Becky, this blog is excellent and makes me think and smile and laugh. It's about time you started writing ;). "Jesus was a smelly little boy" it!!! Love you!!! x


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