Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where's Your Brother?

We have two VERY different kinds of school days in this house.
One kind is spent being focused, disciplined...and generally happy.
The other is spent with me saying, "For crying out loud, where's your brother?"

Lately we've been having an awful lot of days which require me to find my children between subjects. I'd like to blame them. Ooooh, sometimes I really TRY to blame them...but that kind of argument just doesn't hold water. Unfortunately, the distraction of my students is almost always due to the actions (or inaction) of their unfocused teacher. *grimace*

I've told you of the distractive addiction this silly blog has brought to the surface...but that is only the tip of the iceburg.
I can hardly ask my boys to put down the wrapping paper tubes they are sword-fighting with when I was the one who used up said wrapping paper in the middle of social studies class. (No, it wasn't for a history project; but doesn't Grandma's Christmas present look pretty?)

It's definitely time for a break. It's time to reorganize, re-evalute and recharge. It's time to get all the laughing and playing and poking and bouncing out of our systems over the holidays. (Well, maybe I'LL get enough out of MY system that I can behave -and be focused- when school starts again.)

I've already given up on school productivity until 2012.
Today we've been blaring Christmas music. (They put Reliant K's song, I Celebrate the Day, on repeat, but I didn't realize it until I developed a twitch.)
We made sugar cookies. (I made them double the recipe...so at least fractions WERE encountered.) And we threw a pounding party in the kitchen (when we BEAT the powdered sugar and flour off of each other's clothes) before the boys disappeared into the public school and left me home to be distracted on my own.

Tis the season...
time for some fun...
Now where was that wrapping paper tube?

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  1. Yum!!!! Those cookies look delicious! And I hear you on being distracted...as I am typing this comment during work hours :) If there are any left, you can bring them our way! Amos ate all of our last batch :)


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