Monday, January 2, 2012

But His Name is Clay.

Each time I sit down to write about my family, I am faced with the same dilemma.
This is the WORLD WIDE WEB...should I share the names of the people I dearly love with all the crazy people in the universe? (If you are reading this, you probably are a bit crazy regardless, so know that I am talking about the dangerous, homicidal kind of "bad" crazy - not the "good" crazy which describes most of our friends and family members.)

I thought about matching my family up with characters from PEANUTS. I mean, if I'm Charlie Brown's teacher...then one of my son's MUST be Charlie Brown, right? It just didn't work.
I have a Shroeder (piano player) who could even be called Linus (blanket carrier), but no distinct Charlie Brown.(insecure, deep thinking....loser? No thanks.)
They all have Pigpen moments and when the situation calls for comparisons to Lucy or Peppermint Patty, a whole new set of  issues presents itself. My oldest son's personality would coordinate well with Snoopy's at times (WWI flying ace), but being called a dog would rate only slightly higher than being compared to a GIRL.

So now what?
Reality says that the people most often visiting this little spot of the internet universe already know my family by name. AND it's probably weird for them to read about The Principal, Mr. Rassi, My Man, or Hot Hubby when they already know his name is CLAY.

So, I'm quitting the conundrum and using real names whenever I feel like it.
Don't worry, I will educate my boys to run from strangers who approach them...even if the stranger seems to know details about their lives. I'll teach them to yell, "HELP! I'M BEING STALKED BY SOMEONE WHO READS MY MOM'S BLOG!" as they run away much faster than the average adult can run. (well, at least WAY faster than I can run.)

This bold step out of secrecy will aid in my desire to be open. The more people know of our real struggles and our real joys, the more they will see the real work God is doing in our real lives.

Oh, and this does NOT mean I will completely quit referring to Clay as my Handsome Counterpart, Mr. Hot Pants or Trouble (with a capital T). Nicknames are part of the way we communicate in this neck of the woods. They're funny, and descriptive...and funny - so they are staying.

Happy New Year All!
(from Mrs. Cough-ie, Mr. Goatee (just this week I hope), and our two Christmas Break Techno Slugs.)


  1. We always enjoy making superhero names, though they change as the kids grow. Pee-Boy is now Mr. Furious, for example. The Banshee has outgrown that phase. Destructo is pretty consistent. Oh, and we don't typically tell the kids these handles. They are for our personal amusement and stress commiseration.

  2. Wahahaha! Love the names! Most of ours don't stick for very long...but half the fun is coming up with them anyway.

  3. I love all your nicknames! You don't do that with friends, right? :) Love this blog!!

  4. Of course we do, Maria (wasn't that YOUR nickname?)
    If we didn't pick on our friends, how would they know how much we LOVE them? :)


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