Thursday, January 5, 2012

I knew I forgot something...

So, I sort of forgot my husband's birthday.
He was out of town, and I knew he wouldn't be around to celebrate - so I put it out of my mind. WAAAAY out of my mind.
I had a big day. Friends came over, the boys started wrestling club.
I had lots to do, lots to remember.

I talked to my dear Clay on the phone. I asked him about his day.
We had quite the chit-chat...and he said NOTHING about his birthday. Not even a hint.

If you know the man I married, you know that his silence was not due to anger, or sadness or feeling neglected. Oh, he KNOWS his birthday is important to me and that it would bother me if I forgot it.
Instead, he thinks it is HILARIOUS if I slip up on something like that. In fact, I  think he WANTED me to make it the entire day without birthday songs or discussions of gifts.
You see, if I forgot, he could pick on me about this FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.

I should confess that I had plenty of opportunity to remember Clay's big day.
The friends that came over at lunchtime were celebrating birthdays and anniversaries of their own! I wished them happy days and was very excited to celebrate with them... but never thought about the actual DATE. (That's a big downfall to being a stay-at-home mom, I'm lucky to know what month we're in.)

My saving grace came in the form of wrestling practice.
It was the first one of the season, so we had to fill out registrations...with the DATE next to our signatures.

It was like I ran into a wall, it hit me so hard. The air went out of me.
OH NO! I completely FORGOT!
I felt HORRIBLE...for about two seconds.
Then my eyes narrowed and I started processing....
I had talked to Clay multiple times while he held his tongue and laughed inwardly...that conniving little stinker.

A smile crept across my face. He didn't make it through the entire day fooling me.
I REMEMBERED on my own.

Yes, it was 6:00 at night before my brain woke up, but it DID wake up!!!!
The boys and I called and sang Happy Birthday to our hero - and he told us how funny I was all day as I forgot about him.

I love that man.
I love that he takes every opportunity to laugh - and remind me that this life is just a moment to enjoy. I love that he knows my heart and gives me such grace.
He has taught me so much in that area. God has used him to teach me how to breathe in this busy world.
What a great gift God gave me when He made Clay - and when He put us together...
And He DID put us together...maybe I'll share that goofy story another day.

Clay is 39 years old now, still going on 14...and I'd have him no other way.


  1. This makes me laugh. I love it. I can just see Clay on the other end of the phone with you... tricky smile... cracking up after he hangs up the phone. What a gem. You are so right, God did good - very good. I love how God works - knowing the exact complimenting personalities to marry together. After 17 years of marriage it still impresses me how God made the exact man for me in Len and me for him.

  2. It was so neat to see that light bulb go off and you realized the date :) You two are perfect for each other. Your maturity balances out his immaturity...I both are so sweet :) Ha! We are blessed to know you and I hope Clay has another super blessed year!


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