Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random Thoughts

I suggested that a friend blog a list of Random Thoughts.
It got me wondering, "What would MY random thoughts look like in a list?"
That would be a LONG list.
What if I limit it to only 10 random thoughts?
It's a pointless blog, yes...but my curiosity is peaked. So this is my list for 10 p.m. on Sunday night. It would be a completely different list if I wait an hour.

1. I ate WAY too much today. I think I can HEAR the button on my pants groaning. Wait, that might just be me. It's an internal groan proclaiming just how full I am ...and what a fool I was to break the healthy eating plan.

2. I love my husband's hands. He's reading next to me, and keeps putting his left hand on his forehead. Even though his pinkies are completely crooked and he has a weird bump on his thumb, I love those hands. I think it's because they are strong and useful and hardworking and helpful and so much larger than mine...and familiar...they are attached to a phenomenal guy.

3. Clay and I have both been sighing a lot lately for no apparent reason. Earlier, he sighed because he was "thinking hard". I sighed a moment ago while I was typing my opening paragraph. Are we getting old or are we just THAT out of shape that we have to breathe heavily while doing mundane things? *sigh*

4. My oldest son just came out of his room and joined us in the living room after sleeping for only an hour. He thought it was already morning. He was quite confused and a bit disappointed to realize that it is still night. Maybe God woke him up to give us a laugh. If so, it worked.

5. I love my kids. They are two of my very best friends. I hope they know that.

6. Anytime I have to shout a random word or come up with something "spur of the moment" normally involves monkeys. MONKEYS! I don't know why. I don't particularly like monkeys. I do like referring to people as "monkeys" though.

7.  Pizza makes me thirsty.

8. Clay makes funny faces when he plays video games...and when he plays musical instruments...and when he - Hey! Clay makes funny faces a LOT. He's funny. I like that.

9. Now that big brother went back to bed, the little one started singing in his sleep. I love that he is SINGING. It says so much about his joyful little spirit. (Clay laughs in HIS sleep...what does that tell you?) Our youngest has sung since he was born. Even before he spoke his first word, he would hum himself to sleep.. Melts a mama's heart to hear that high little voice sing out, especially since most of the time he is singing about Jesus.

10. Even my random thoughts are completely wordy. Maybe next time I should make a random post with a word limit.


  1. These totally made me smile! It is great to get a small idea of what goes through that pretty little head of yours :)

  2. When my husband plays video games, he MOVES. Right to left, left to right, jerking backward, leaning forward as if he can push the characters to do it harder or faster! Cracks me up.


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