Monday, May 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes

My husband was ready to leave for work and planned to drop off our youngest son at gym class on the way.
If they left immediately, they would be much too early for class - and no third grader wants to stand in the hall at school for five minutes when he can hang out at home for those extra minutes instead. They looked at each other, all dressed up with no place to go quite yet...

What could two red-blooded, testosterone-filled guys DO with five extra minutes? They decided to go ahead and go to the slow-motion. The "race" was on. This is a real-time video. The stretched out voice in the beginning is my husband speaking S-L-O-W-L-Y, for effect.

I had to cut off the video before my little one slow-motioned himself right into the wall (on purpose). They were about to run me over! What a great way to start out the morning!
I love my husband.  

Being a year (or ten) behind in scrap-booking is AWESOME.
When we initially took the photos, we thought they were ALL important and adorable.
Ten years later...not so much.
When I'm distanced from an event, it is much easier to delete photos and be choosy about which memories are REALLY worth saving. Plus, only the really funny or really cute photos get put in the book. (Those are the only photos they will want to look at when they are 30 anyway.)
My procrastination is effectively saving me time AND money!
I'm not wasting precious hours trying to figure out what to do with all 40 pictures from an event. I archive (or delete) the 37 shots of other kids that my boys don't even play with anymore (since they don't even remember their names), and I put in the 3 adorable photos that capture the sentiment of the day.
I gotta say, I love it when I'm accidentally brilliant. (Believe me, it doesn't happen often.)

The sun was shining and our boys were singing praise songs in the back seat of the car.
I looked over at Clay and our eyes met.
I'm pretty sure electricity shot through my body as we shared that knowing look.

That moment embodied so much of my bliss.
Connection at a deep, intimate level with my handsome man.
Peace that our children are on a path toward truth.
The immense love of God surrounding us all.
I want to remember that moment...and have many more like it.

Having a recognizable car can be frustrating. 
I got pulled over a few weeks ago and realized that I couldn't just shrink down and hope nobody knew it was me. (For those of you who saw me and were "worried", the cop - who had to follow me for two miles before I realized that he was behind me - only gave me a warning.) Thanks for not (outwardly) mocking me.
Another "problem" I've had is that people keep waving from their NOT-SO-RECOGNIZABLE-CARSI'm sure I've given many neighbors and friends dirty looks while trying to figure out WHO belongs with the waving hand in the black/blue/silver car that I just passed. If that neighbor was YOU, know that I'm not a jerk...I'm just confused and clueless.

My 3rd grader occasionally yells at TV screens, movie screens, and computer screens.
He KNOWS the characters can't hear him, but he just can't help himself. He has to have an outlet for the emotions that he feels. I LOVE that.
He comes by it honest. As I get older and my inhibitions begin to diminish, I KNOW I will be that one lady in the quiet, conservative church who yells out when the moment hits her. I mean, I barely contain my "Preach It Brothers", "Woo-hoos", and "Amens" now.

My almost 12-year-old "GOT" the suggestive remarks that were made in the "innocent" kid movie.
We were watching the movie "Robots". I looked over at Clay when I heard the offensive comment. (It's what we do. We shoot shocked looks at each other or raise our eyebrows at grown-up humor when we hear it in kid movies) So as my eyes went searching for my husband's, I found my son looking right at me - with a sly grin on his face.
Doh! It's the beginning of the end. My innocent "baby" has gotten old enough to "get it."

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  1. And now you've helped me feel much better about my own photographic procrastination, Becky! Really, that does make a lot of sense.

    Like Kid Kaboom used to say when he was small: "Ganx."

  2. FUN, FUN, FUNNY!! I loved that video and I don't even take photos, so you are way ahead of me!

    Thanks for linking this up with my Loving Our Children link-up today!

  3. This made me smile! What a grateful and fun post!! And I LOVED the video you posted :)


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