Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Family Rocks

It's a LITERAL statement at this house.
Most days, our whole house is rockin'...and rollin'.

To be honest, it is a figurative statement as well.
I'm so proud of my family. And with the end of school this week (and all the awards and acknowledgements my boys have been getting), I'm having a hard time not being boastful.
OK, I'm failing miserably at not boasting - I'M PUTTING IT ON MY BLOG.

Of course, I really can't take any of the credit anyway.
Clay and I may have fostered a talent or two, but God blessed my children.
I keep telling them that. 
Every gift, ability, or talent is a gift.
We need to make sure we thank God for all of it.
We need to make sure we give Him the credit.
HE DESERVES ALL THE GLORY and our many thanks.

Thank you, Lord, for my boys. Thank you for their musical ability, their intelligent minds, and their healthy, athletic bodies. And thank you for their father who pours into their lives and coaches them in all of these areas.

Now, we think glorifying God should include having some fun on most days. 
God is the giver of all that is good: laughter, joy...and the part of us that just has to tap our toes. So, so here is a taste of what glorifying God with our gifts looks like around here:

This was the local elementary school talent show. (My boys take music and gym there.) 
God is so good.

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  1. Your whole family has so many talents! I love hearing the boys rock it out!!!


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