Monday, April 9, 2012

Expectations - doh!

They keep growing. I blinked, and they got big.

Here I am, given day after day of precious life...and like a fool, I take those cherished days and pile them high with expectations.  I'm always making (very long) "to do" lists for myself - and I generally have one for my handsome man as well. (Oh, and don't forget the kids! I have a whole list of shoulds, wills, and 'why nots?' for them too!)

Luckily, the leader of our home isn't affected by his lists (that I made for him) in the same way that I am challenged by mine. Sure, he'll try to take a peak at them once in a while and even draws a line through accomplished tasks on occasion; but the infernal lists do not phase him - not even for a minute.

Instead, my dear husband spends his time doing things that nobody bothered to write down.
He does silly things, helpful things, energizing things, lazy things...and thoroughly enjoys himself in the process. 

Today I noticed that I have been clenching my teeth and missing so much with my "checklist blinders" on. The expectations I've been trying to meet are my own - and some of them are just plain ridiculous. I'm so glad God balanced the other side of my "responsibility" scale with someone who sees which responsibilities actually matter.

He models laughter to me - and to our kids.
He models hard work, but in good timing and proper moderation.
He balances out my intensity with a broad smile...and a cup of coffee placed in my hands.

I don't know how many days God wants to give me...but I like being reminded on occasion that they are indeed numbered. I'm glad to have this moment of clarity, being reminded to enjoy my right now...even if I still have to check some things off my list.


  1. love you friend. always glad to hear your thoughts-thx for sharing!

  2. Amen sister! I am such a list driven person and Amos balances me out. I love this reminder to enjoy today and live it out!

  3. Amen sister! I am so list driven and Amos balances me out. Thank you for this great reminder to enjoy today and live! :)

  4. Thanks for helping me to stop and think. I believe we have a lot in common!

  5. I am the list maker in the family too, and yes I need to take your advice and enjoy my right now. Thank you. I found you from the Hip Homeschool Hop.

    1. Thank you for "hopping in". Glad it can be considered "advice"...I just tend to think out loud. (it's all directed at me.) :)

  6. Welcome, fellow list maker! It can be hard to let go of those to-do's and plans, can't it? I found, like you, that there is a time and place for those lists. There is also a place on the lists for love, laughter, and refreshment. Your heart must burst with joy at the wonderful role model your hubby is for your boys, and at how he treats you more precious than rubies!

    1. My heart really does burst with joy at the role model that Clay is for my boys.
      God has to often remind me to CHOOSE to focus on the good that his manly, very different personality brings to our home...rather than the frustration that opposites can also bring.
      I've actually been thinking about writing a different post about that dynamic very soon. :)

  7. Becky, I feel as if you've taken the words out of my own heart and written them down! So glad to find your blog through NOBH. Thanks for the great post!


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