Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top Ten: April "Showers"?

April Showers...
With soccer season in full stride and judo practices never stopping, there will definitely be LOADS of April showers in store for my two smelly little boys.
While others may assume April showers happen outdoors (with mud puddles and blooming flowers), all I can consider are the INDOOR April showers which bring interesting scenarios of their own:
  1. Outdoor rain showers mean that my indoor bathroom showers will be caked with mud (which doesn't always get properly washed off of little bodies...and sometimes ends up on my towels.) *note to self: make sure the boys use the DARK towels this year.* 
  2. A 'good side' to these frequent showers (perhaps the ONLY good side), is that my children are actually TAKING them. Without such constant involvement in sports, my boys just don't stink often enough. You see, unless they stink, I tend to forget to make them take showers (unless, of course, it's before Sunday church). Thank God, in so many ways, for Sunday church.
  3. Added bonus: Regular showers mean that they are also regularly changing their underwear. It's so hard for them to remember something like that otherwise...I'm told.
  4. With late night practices, our son who takes EXTREMELY LONG showers never seems to go to bed at his "normal" time. (I mean, he has to have a snack first too, right?)  Hmmm, do you think it's all part of his master plan? If so, I must find a way to foil his plans because it really cuts into my time of peace and quiet and no responsibility connection with my husband. 
  5. I do have one son who is out of the shower so quickly that I have to smell his head to see if he actually used shampoo. It's amazing how often he "forgets" that showers are to get CLEAN  and not just wet. *Oops, I kind of mentioned that already...with my whining observation about the dirty towels.*
  6. All this showering and sports playing causes a great increase in their laundry needs. I have their regular clothes AND their sports clothes to wash...and all that extra underwear. I might consider having them do their own laundry, but it's the ONE JOB in the house that practically does itself. It washes, it dries...and all I have to do is watch a TV show, listen to an audio book, or talk on the phone for an hour...and POOF, it's folded too.
  7. Laundry is especially a problem with all the RAIN we get in the month of April. We have a well...and those OTHER pesky showers involving water from the sky (and small rivers in my yard) cause our water to take on a new "spring smell." With spring in the description, you might think it's a good smell...well, think again.
  8. I also get a bit tired of daily nagging making asking my children go back into the bathroom and pick up their wet towels and stinky sports clothes. Don't they understand how hard it is on me to scold them that way? (And I'm sure not going to pick them up myself - they're "icky".)
  9. Funny thing, wet towels on the bathroom floor are actually an improvement. We are one step closer to "correct." I used to find them on the carpeted floor in their bedrooms - the next day. Now they leave the towel in the bathroom...while they streak across the house to their bedrooms - naked. I think I might start inviting friends over at night...so they REMEMBER TO TAKE CLEAN CLOTHES WITH THEM to wear when they are finished.
  10. April showers that happen outside make the grass grow. Maybe our inside April showers can bring some growth this season as well. Towels hung up properly, bodies cleaned thoroughly, Mom  appropriately thanked for clean laundry. *the sun is shining brighter and the birds are already singing just THINKING of that kind of growth*
Welcome April! I might complain, but I really do love your mud puddles, warmer weather, and outdoor activities...and I can't wait to see what else you may bring (that could be even BETTER than May flowers for this Mama.)

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  1. So fun! I am pretty sure how you just described your boys could still apply to my husband :) Ha, he keeps me smiling! Great post!

  2. Oh Becky! Are you sure you haven't been a fly on the wall in our house?! I have been cracking up while reading this because EVERY word you said describes EXACTLY what happens in our house with three boys (ages 12, 9, and 6)!! Please let me know what you do to actually get your boys to just PICK UP their wet towels! :)
    Love and God Bless,

  3. How funny is this! Funny because the same thing goes on in our house. Plus I have to add my husband to the boy list . . . Yes, please let us know if you find a way to actually make your boys pick up their wet towels! Happy Spring! Smiles -

  4. Sounds like a happy family to me! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!!!


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