Friday, April 20, 2012

The Gift That Keeps Bugging Me

A few years ago, I received a necklace with a widow's mite pendant dangling from it.
In case you aren't familiar with a widow's mite, there is a story in the Bible about a widow who gave 2 small coins as her offering to God - mere mites. (Mark 12:41-44)
Jesus explained to His disciples that this widow had given more with her mites than the richest man had given that day...because she had given all she had.

My necklace came from a homeschool curriculum company with a note explaining how I gave "all" and sacrificed so much while homeschooling my children. It made me cry at the time. (read: SOMEBODY ACKNOWLEDGED MY EFFORT!)

Every time I see that necklace, I think about the sentiment behind the gift.
I gotta say, the sentiment has been bugging me a little lately.
I don't want to give all I have to my children.
I don't want my kids to see my life revolve around THEM.
I want them to see our family give all to Christ...even to the point of sacrifice.

We've been learning a lot about sacrifice lately while reading the Old Testament.
Leviticus, Numbers...sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice...blah blah,'s gotten a bit tedious.
And yet, it's made a point:
The Israelites were required to have a lifestyle of sacrifice. God was establishing a mindset, a pattern, the model of what life is supposed to be. Of course, this Old Testament process points to the New Testament and the ultimate sacrificial life that Christ led...and the life He has called us all to lead.

We often sacrifice for our kids (even though they aren't REALLY aware or appreciative of the sacrifices we make). We want the best for them and their success will benefit us in many ways.
But what other sacrifices are happening in my cozy home, with two cars in the garage and cupboards STOCKED with food?
What sacrifices are my kids witnessing in our lifestyle? What sacrifices are THEY required to make? (and I'm not talking about living lives without Ipod touches, because they definitely feel they have "sacrificed" in that area.)

I don't think there is anything wrong with homes, cars OR Ipod touches.
I'm just not sure that I've balanced our blessings with verses like Luke 3:11 that say:
"The man with two tunics should share with him who has none, and the one who has food should do the same."
I've been given a LOT of tunics. I want my boys to realize how many "tunics" they have as well. I want to be aware of the needs of others as well as our own lack of need.
God may not call us to give all of our excess away - but I want to be willing...and I want my children to "get" that concept as well.

God, help us.
Please use this family - and our blessings. Please show us what it looks like - in this culture, in our neighborhood - to give ALL.

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  1. What a wonderful reminder! I kept reading this and throughout saying, "YES!" and "I KNOW!" :) Also, Way to go boys on their medals!!! They are awesome! :)


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