Thursday, February 23, 2012

Homeschool Mom Randomness *sigh*

Tongue planted firmly in cheek (most of the time), I ponder our homeschool "situation"...

  • Is it bad that my boys can read a recipe like no other elementary school boy that I know? Maybe cravings for cookies, or brownies, or meatballs for lunch have overtaken me a few too many times as I've shouted, "To the kitchen boys! Time to follow some directions and get some fractions figured out - double that recipe!" (My tight pants definitely say I may have said this statement a few too many times.) *sigh*
  • I bet I lose my temper in front of my students more often than "normal" teachers do. If THESE kids grow up to be delinquents, that means that MY KIDS grow up to be delinquents...and if that happens, who will I be able to blame? No one! (Of course, if they learn that it's OK to lose their temper under pressure, I may not have anyone else to blame either...) *sigh*
  • The students in my class HIT each other on occasion. A "regular" school would NEVER continue teaching children who delve out bodily harm to classmates. Sure, the school might tolerate one or two fights before they kick a kid to the curb, but MY students have had WAY more than two altercations in the last six months since school began. Shoot, they've rolled around on the ground until someone cried at least twice in the last few WEEKS. *sigh*
  • Who's going to make fun of my youngest son and let him know that it is not "acceptable" to wear holey, high-water pants with a mismatched shirt (especially if he hasn't bothered to comb his hair for few days)? I've told him. I've even poked fun at him for it. He just laughs along with me. He has no shame. I think he inherited a shame-deflecting shield from his father, but even his father has bent to the will of society and wears clothes that fit - and mostly match. Am I DEPRIVING my child of the "benefits" that a good mocking can bring? *sigh*
  • Today, my oldest son wanted to UNDERSTAND what happens when a fraction is multiplied by another fraction. Memorizing the process (like I did as a child) wasn't going to cut it. What? But that's HARDER TO EXPLAIN. I had to unknot my brain and search the internet for half an hour to give him a satisfactory answer. If 5th grade math is becoming difficult, 8th grade should be interesting. *sigh*
  • My boys are"soft". They never have to wait for the bus in zero degree weather at 7:00 in the morning. They stretch, yawn, leisurely eat breakfast in their pajamas, play some yo-yo, get dressed for the day - and then curl up on the warm couch to be educated at 8:30 a.m.. There is no rushing, no hurried packing of lunches or signing of papers. There just aren't those tense moments each morning to "toughen them up" and help them deal with the harsh realities of life. The real world may be a very rude awakening when they eventually have to face it. *sigh*
Holey, high-waters Batman! It's quite the situation over here in this homeschool household.
Good thing these perhaps-not-completely-irrational-fears are all humorous enough to laugh away.
I may furrow my brow on occasion, but then I stop and thank God for those questioning moments that help me depend on Him (and they may even give Him a good laugh.)


  1. These are great to read and I love the ending statement! However, I just want to add that you get to make sure they are learning good values, eat lunch with them daily, see their "Aha" moments and be a part of that, and get to share so many precious moments with them! I miss that as a full-time work out of the house mom...*sigh* :)...but you know all that already :)

  2. Oh, so much to comment on. Yes, I'd probably be fired for interacting with someone else's kids the way I do with mine some days. ;-)

    If I had a zero tolerance policy for things that would be considered bullying, I might have to expel a student or two. Where would they go?

    I, too, have a son who doesn't understand that he should be embarrassed to wear some of the clothes he wears sometimes. (Except I think I've managed to root out and donate all the high waters now.)

    And, you didn't even mention your relationship with the "principal." You'd both get fired. LOL

  3. Thank you for starting my day off with a laugh. Yeah, we have a lot of these things going on over here as well. :-) Stopping by from WUHS Homeschool Showcase.

  4. I love it! I'll take "soft" kids any day!

  5. I not infrequently point out to my pajama clad, sleepy-eyed, curled-up-in-the-corner-of-the-couch-by-the-fire-reading-a-book, kids that the school bus FULL OF KIDS is passing by our house.

    Just trying to stir up their thankfulness. :-)

  6. Love this list. I think most of us homeschool moms can agree/sympathize with you on most if not all of these things! Thanks for sharing; it made me smile. :)


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