Friday, February 17, 2012

"The Little Things" About Schnook

We call our youngest Schnook. It fits him.
From the time he was born, people would stop me in the store to comment about my happy, handsome baby boy...and they'd always add, "He's ornery, isn't he?"
One woman called it a "twinkle in his eye."
I like that terminology best. His Dad has that same twinkle. I hope neither of them ever lose it.

This list is so I never forget the twinkle (even when I'm dealing with the ornery results).
I'm recording what I love about my 9-year-old before I blink, and he turns 19.

- He sleeps horizontal in his bed.
- He would prefer to hang upside-down in a chair than sit in it properly.
- He runs across the house to kiss me good-bye, even if I'm just going for a walk.
- He is passionate. He stands up for his principles.
- He LOVES surprises (giving them - and getting them).
- He loves to cook and work on motors. He'd do just about anything that included interacting with a parent while using his hands.
- He has been singing and musical since before he could talk. He would hum himself to sleep as a baby, and (for years) he has sat in my lap to listen to my heart. (He occasionally makes up a melody to go along with the beat.)
- He plops himself down on top of  family members (or shoved up against them) no matter how much space is available to spread out next to them. He wants to be CLOSE.
- He talks to his fish and treats them like some of his best friends. He takes his responsibility to feed them VERY seriously and really hurts when one dies. He such a little care-giver.
- He plays with babies and children much smaller than him. He stands up for others and plays with the "weird" kids. He sees ALL people as having value.
- He would sleep in his brother's room every night - if brother would let him.
- He draws a crowd wherever he goes. He is athletic, funny, sensitive, and outgoing.
- He doesn't see himself as a leader, but he IS one.
- He will try anything with an open mind (and without fear). He loves to EXPERIENCE life at high speed.
- His hair is shiny - like a halo, which is good because some days I need reminded how heavenly it is to be his mother.
- He is 9-years-old and still calls me "Mama".

I know this is the list that will probably change the MOST in the next few years.
I can't wait to see how this little ball of energy matures and grows into a big ball of energy.
Lord, help him use his risk-taking, smile-making, crowd-pleasing personality always for your glory.
Thank you so much for enriching my life with such different personalities.
Help me to learn from each of them.


  1. Kiddos whose love language is physical touch - ah, delightful! And you don't know it, but "Schnook" is very close to the Pennsylvania Dutch word, "schnoke," which means cute!

    And he is. :)

  2. Love it! I think I may have a new pronunciation for his nickname.
    And yes, as much as his love language drives his brother batty; it brings me happy, snuggly moment after joy-filled huggy moment.

  3. He is so sweet!!! I know we have loved getting to know him and our kids adore him!! He is most certainly special!

  4. What a charmer!! He sounds very much like my 10 year old...and he keeps us all LAUGHING!! Thanks for sharing about your Schnook and for linking up with me.


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