Thursday, February 2, 2012

Screams from the Dining Room Table

Our faithful leader is sitting in the dining room - doing taxes.
My mild-mannered husband is grumbling and furrowing his brow.
He keeps exclaiming, "You're kiddin' me!" at random intervals.

The latest rant is about claiming our tax refund for last year as income from this year.
"It's the money that the government TOOK from us that we didn't want them to take...and that they KEPT from us all year. The money that we ALREADY CLAIMED AS INCOME AND WERE ALREADY TAXED ON."
*Emphasis is Clay's* :)

He keeps muttering about wanting to punch someone.

I don't blame him really, but I still keep giggling to myself.
It's so funny to see him this way.
He knows I'm laughing at him too...but he doesn't seem to mind.
I think my snickers help him keep perspective. (There's that word again.)
He even chuckles back at me on occasion.

"There's nothing we can do about it...why get so mad?" I chime in.
More forcefully, he responds, "We CAN do something. We can VOTE. We MUST vote."
(and then he smiles)

I love this man. I appreciate his conservative, political mind.
I respect that he stands FIRM on what he believes...and that he is a man of action.
(And I'm especially glad that this "darker side" is reserved for his political soapbox and doesn't get aimed at me or the kids.)

If you are shaking your fist at the government this month and need a shoulder to cry on, come on over to our house - but ask to speak with Clay. I would TRY to sympathize (really, I would), but if you look deep into my eyes...I'm afraid you might just get a glimpse of my smile.


  1. I love how God pairs us up with wonderful men where we can balance each other out :) And I totally let Amos do the tax thing :)

  2. Got this comment from a an accountant friend:
    "Federal refunds from last year are not taxable. State refunds ARE taxable (if you itemized last year) because you did NOT pay tax on that income last year...follow the math from where the state income taxes are added to Schedule A and that number from the bottom of Schedule A gets placed on your 1040 page 2. You'll see that the state (and local if you have some) income taxes were not included in your taxable income last year. Since you didn't pay tax on it last year, it is taxable in the year you receive the refund. Sorry."

    Oddly, it didn't make Clay feel any better. :)


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