Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"The Little Things" About Bubby

We don't actually call him Bubby anymore.
Buddy? Yes.
Handsome? Of course!
Sometimes I call him Frank (I have no idea why), but Bubby was the very first nickname ever given to our oldest little blessing.
This is the "short list" of the things that I love about him - 11 years later.

- He has a mind (and vocabulary) that catches others off-guard. He often asks questions that seem advanced for his years (and I often don't know the answers either.)
- He is considerate and not crude (most of the time - he is still a boy, after all).
- His hair has the perfect little wave to it that flips at his neck and around his ears.
- He has a thankful heart...and he shares that appreciation verbally.
- He is self-motivated. Music, sports, yo-yos, books...whatever is on his radar at the moment becomes a bit of an obsession. He is DRIVEN to learn all there is to know about a subject, so he can excel.
- He beat-boxes all day long. When he plays guitar, when he rides in the car, when he does math...he is always "dropping a beat." His mouth is a musical instrument that he never has to put away (except when the closest adult gives the evil eye).
- He appreciates clever humor...and is good at manufacturing it.
- He has the mind of an engineer - always asking, "How does it work? How can it be improved? What NEW thing can I invent?"
- His emotions run deep and they run strong. He hates that his eyes tear up when he's frustrated, but it is beautiful to watch them tear when he is impacted in some way by God.
- He CHOOSES to get back up when his emotions yell, "STAY DOWN!" I know God plans to use this strength in HUGE ways.
- He talks in his sleep - loudly.
- He laughs at himself even though it's not his natural tendency. His mind knows there is health in laughter even when his pride wants to be angry or embarrassed.
- He still kisses his mom...even if a friend "might see".
- He tries very hard to be humble, and he thanks God for his abilities. I praise God for that.

This is not a list of "why" I love my son. I love him simply because he IS.
This is a list of the blessings I get to experience because of who he has chosen to be.

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  1. Hey is an incredible little man! All of us are blessed to know him!!


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