Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Little Things

Can you tell I've been strolling Memory Lane lately?
Can't get enough of these old photos!
I went to a baby shower and couldn't help but think about how quickly my "babies" are growing up. So, I stopped to write down some of the "little" things I love...before they get any bigger.
  • listening to them breathe during quiet morning snuggles
  • the look they get when they are trying to figure out if I'm "pulling their leg"
  • squeals and giggles coming from the bottom of the pile during a whole-house wrestling match
  • "aha" moments which remind me to see the world with fresh amazement
  • the way their hair sticks up "just so" first thing in the morning...and sometimes still at lunchtime
  • their not-quite-big shoes lined up next to the back door
  • pictures drawn on fogged up car windows
  • how the words "ice cream" cause their faces to light up
  • their innocence, their questions, their sincere love
I don't want to take the little things for granted at any stage that my family passes through.
In fact, I've decided to take this week to post a small series on this subject. The next few blogs should be fun. If you don't know my family, you soon will. I plan to write down the "little things" I love about each one of them (at this exact moment in their existence)...because those little things can really make a very big difference.

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  1. I can't wait to read more!!! Your family is awesome and this will be so much fun to come back and read as they continue to grow!!


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