Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Things: Homeschool Blog Link-ups

This silly little blog-o-mine led me down a path where I discovered OTHER Homeschool Mom Blogs. They have blog parties where they link-up with each other.
At first, I thought it was genius! All those blogs in ONE PLACE.
Then, 10 hours later when my eyes were blurry from staring at the screen and reading blogs all night...I started to re-evaluate this whole process.
I still love the link-ups to discover interesting, fresh ideas - and (probably more honestly) some good laughs,  but here are some other discoveries I made while traveling through homeschool cyberspace:

  • I want to KISS the moms who are SPECIFIC with their blog titles. If they label their link "Mod-podge activity for 4th graders" rather than "Homeschool Week #52"...they AT LEAST deserve a medal (since a kiss from me might be a bit off-putting to some.) No offense to the mothers of preschoolers, but I've been there, done that, and don't have time to read about it all again. I need to know which links are the most beneficial use of my time.
  • Other stay-at-home-moms need adult interaction (and someone to be interested in their school activities) just as much as I do. (And I can be pretty hard up some days.) 
  • In a list of blogs, I am much more likely to read a blog named "I School Crazy People" than something called "Biblical Mommyhood."   I have enough serious in my life. I'm happy to learn something new...but while you teach, could you try to make me giggle? 
  • Some Mom-bloggers are just plain CLEVER. My school has gotten WAY more interesting since I started stealing learning from other teachers. The creativity in the projects is awe-inspiring. No, I should say it's actually enough to inspire...LEARNING. *big happy sigh*
  • Speaking of clever inspiration, some of these homeschool bloggers are FUNNY. I am a much better sidekick than I am a headliner. I'm always ready with a clever retort, but some of these moms should go on the road. They approach a blank screen and leave it giggling with humorous homeschool fodder.
  • I love Google Reader! If I find a fellow mom who "gets" me, I can get updates without having to re-find that little link over and over and over again.
  • Reading "highlights of the week" from someone else's homeschool can be detrimental to a fragile homeschool mom psyche. (At least I GUESS it could be...ahem) Highlights don't often include bored moments, arguments, or assignment flops. Pretty photos of smiling kids and active, creative, inspiration can be hard to look at if your hair is sticking up on end and children have been sent to opposite corners of the house. 
  • I find myself glancing down a blog looking for pictures and links that look interesting or helpful. (I guess I should make sure I include a picture or a link when I write my own blog if I want people, like myself, to stick around and read MORE.)
  • I love Homeschool Moms. I love their hearts. I love their effort. I love their failures. I love their desire to help others. I love their adoration for their kids. I love their struggles. I just love that these moms let me climb into their worlds...and I hope a few choose to climb back into mine.
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  1. Hi, Becky! I can't remember how I originally found your blog, but that doesn't matter. :) I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your top 10 list. Your honesty made me smile -- and smile some more. :) Anyway, from a fellow homeschool mom who likes to read funny stuff, I find your blog refreshing! :) Thanks!

  2. Terrific top ten! I have to tell you, you made me laugh! Thanks for the chuckle. And for the wisdom!

  3. I too was laughing, and retrospect about this post. Thanks for your honesty and insight.

    Thank you for joining us at No Ordinary Blog Hop. Can't wait to read more. Blessings!

  4. Great post! I read (and avoid) them for exactly the reasons. Your honesty is awesome. And I especially agree that we can all be fun and funny and still be good moms and great teachers. Btw, it will come up as lerheims, but I'm Bridget. Glad to know you.

  5. I like this post a lot :)

    I'm not really a huge fan of hops (though I like NOBH because of the team running it :)...

    But I do love pinterest (and all the incredible ideas).

    And this post had me smiling...

  6. I could relate so much to your list and you made me smile, thank you.

  7. This is genius! And I read all the way through, even without pictures! ;) I echo so many of your sentiments here. Thanks for joining us both at NOBH and the Hip Homeschool Hop!


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