Thursday, March 8, 2012

About That Hair...

My oldest son wears his coat with the collar tucked in so he looks like a hunchback.
It's not a purposeful choice - it's just what tends to happen.
I don't know how it can possibly be comfortable. Actually, it probably isn't - but the discomfort is worth the inconvenience of fussing with it.

I'm fighting the same losing battle when it comes to the long hair that my boys choose to keep. Both of them  look GREAT when they have recently showered and let their shaggy hair air-dry. It ends up all flippy, and shiny, and adorable.
BUT (there's always a but)... they play sports each night, come home all sweaty, and take a shower right before GOING TO BED. They wake up clean - and with bedhead that would give Don King a run for his money.
Each day, their hair is in a new configuration. I should probably document their morning manes...I'm sure we could win money if we found just the right kind of competition...
Unfortunately, my boys are content to spritz a little water on the top of their heads (because I MAKE them); and then they go out in public looking fuzzy and disheveled every single day.

I already discussed here that they have no shame, so they see no need to jump in the shower and tame their somewhat-golden-locks. Even the thought of sticking their head under a faucet is daunting to them - and the ONE spot that ends up wet if they DO bend over the sink never ends up being the lopsided, sticky-up part anyway.

I really can't complain.
It's my own stinkin' fault. Well, it's my fault - AND that handsome man that I've been sleeping with. (It's OK, we're married.) We have apparently been quite successful over the last eleven years as we strategically convinced our boys that they don't need to impress girls until they are ready to marry them - and that any boy who cares more about their attire than their attitude isn't a friend worth having.

I should be happy, I know.
But is it so wrong to want the best of BOTH worlds? Healthy kids AND "flippy and adorable" hair in the pictures I take to scrapbook for all eternity? How nice would it be to have pictures that my sons WON'T look back at and say, "Mom, did you REALLY allow me to walk around looking like that as a child?"

Oh well, off I go to get my camera. Might as well EMBRACE our current situation (and see if I can win some money in the meantime.)

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  1. This post most certainly made me smile :) I love reading about your family! What a great Thursday post for me to read :)


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