Saturday, March 24, 2012

For me?

"Look what my yo-yo string did...It's for YOU!" 

I'm a sucker for a loving gesture...and he knows it.
Not that he isn't a sweetheart - he is...
But sometimes he does things JUST so I'll sappily sigh "Aaaaaw" and hug all over him.
He knows how to make an impact...and he plays me like a violin.

I am praying now for the day when he realizes that this super-power might actually work on OTHER girls  - who aren't his Mama. God be with us.


  1. I think that is sweet :) The yo yo heart...sweet! :) And I do love the comic strip in the post below this one!!! Histerical!!!

  2. Oh, so sweet. Someone is raising up a fine husband for someone else!!!

  3. That is precious and definitely a Kodak moment to capture and a story to remember forever! Love the picture of the heart string! Thanks for joining NOBH! Glad to have you! BTW, love your photo banner with the boys on the couch reading! So cute!

  4. One more thing...I'm now following your blog :)


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