Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fire - and a Limbo Contest

In our homeschool this week...
We caught things on fire.
Different chemicals burn with different colored flames.
Our $30 chemistry set was a BRILLIANT purchase - if I do say so myself.

Then, my youngest son won a limbo contest in his public school music class. That meant he got to move on and compete against all the other class winners - in front of the entire school. The teacher told him to "go home and practice." Boy, he took THAT homework seriously! My living room was limbo central all week long. I need to find a way to excite him this much about History...or Writing...or long division...
Competition day came on Friday, and that little stinker won second place. Guess all his practice paid off.

It's actually been a perfect school week. We only had two days of "normal school" and then we started Spring Break. Because the boys still went to Music and Gym classes at the public school all week, we will have 3 days next week where I don't have to STOP and drive someone to class. (which means slightly shorter days and long stretches of focused time) *big happy sigh*

In my life this week...
After a bit of a Valentine's flop (in his defense, we were traveling), Clay declared that I should have a birthday MONTH. Yep, you read that right.
On March 1, he gave me a birthday card to start everything out.
He was intentional about planning (and taking me on) a few dates, and I often got to hear the beautiful words, "Well, it's YOUR birthday you pick."

I gotta say, I've been impressed - and it all came to a peak Thursday. (on my actual birthday)
I woke up to 4 birthday cards.
It was sweet.
Of course, 3 of them were along THIS line:
This card was from my nephew who is visiting us for a few days...
Evan told me HE picked it out, but let his cousin give it to me.
The fourth card  I received was handed to me by my little shmoozer.

It was sappy and sentimental -  I was sniffling and struggling to focus through tears before I had finished the front cover. He also hand-wrote a special note. (I'm telling you, he's "good".)
I would show you the handwritten note, but he wrote it in pen and messed up a bit (and since I'm a competitive homeschool mom, I'll stick to showing you only the impressive or funny stuff.)
*Can you see me rolling my eyes at myself?*

I also was honored by three Lego sculptures.
Happy B-Day
Lego Mom...with very pointy perky boobs.
A Flower...and a note that says "Top of the Morning To You".
I think Micah has turned Irish.
I pretty much ATE my way through the special day. Omelet breakfast made by friends, Taco Bell bean burrito for lunch bought by other friends, a few hours - without food- with other friends (but it was food for my soul, I tell ya) and THIS:

Thank you Pinterest!
Yep, you are seeing that correctly. My men took cake batter and poured it in the waffle iron to make me a chocolate waffle ice cream sandwich. We froze the leftovers for later...and I think they will be perfect stuffed with mint chocolate chip ice cream and maybe drizzled with chocolate. *drool* My oldest thought they still needed a layer of icing or whipped cream. (gotta say, that's not a bad idea either)

Well, if you were hoping to get great homeschool ideas from this post, you are stuck with waffles...or maybe the limbo. I was obviously WAY too wrapped up in my wonderful day to focus on much of anything else.
I've decide that my birthday should happen once a month if I can keep getting treated like this. I don't even care if it means I'll be 80 in two years with birthdays that frequent - I think it might be worth it.

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  1. Oh my YUM! That chocolate waffle ice cream sandwich looks GOOD!!!

    And practicing for the limbo contest: fabulous. It would be great if we could harness that kind of enthusiasm for multiplication tables practice or something, wouldn't it?

  2. What a great post! Happy Birthday month to you! lol. :-) Gotta love the perky boobed lego mom and the chocolate waffle ice-cream sandwich. Yum! :-) Congrats to your son on his limbo 2nd place finish! Gotta love when they put their minds down to something. It is very sweet how your "guys" remembered you all month long! Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Many blessings, Lisa

  3. Sounds like a pretty wonderful birthday to me!!! And nice job on that waffle dessert!!! Yum!

  4. What a wonderful birthday! I love the limbo homework, too fun!!! Thanks for linking this up with Loving Our Children today.


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