Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Solution for Artwork Clutter Blues

I read a blog about "Organizing Your Kid's Schoolwork" 
It was a good blog, but I have a different approach that might also come in handy.
I was going to share my helpful hints in the comments of her blog, but thought, "Wait! She blogged about organization...people blog about all kinds of things...maybe, just maybe, this idea is blog-worthy."
So here we go...

I was an art major in college. I know what it is like to be attached to something that I have worked on for hours and hours. I made a LOT of very large, very awkward-to-store-or-put-in-a-portfolio art projects. I had a storage dilemma.

Fast-forward 20 years. I am a mom.
Trying to get children to part with anything is difficult. I have even "heard" that some moms wait until the kids are gone (or napping) to stealthily hide items in the deep depths of the garage trashcan.
*flashback memory of one boy DISCOVERING said items in bottom of trashcan...*

When facing this oh-so-familiar artwork dilemma, I tend to apply the solution I discovered in college:
I keep the most recent artwork (and one or two frameable favorites) on display. Then, when it is time for a project to get buried in the basement, put in a drawer, or stuck in a folder - I take a picture of it instead. 
Viola! A keepsake for all a digital file or arranged neatly (and miniaturized) in a photo album.
The large photo was a drawing that was originally 24x30 inches.
I photographed it and printed it 12 inches wide to put in a  portfolio. (Items can be printed out any size.)
This concept can be applied to any clutter keepsake that needs to be remembered, but takes up too much room. ((LEGO creations, baby outfits, well-worn toys)

I have discovered that including my boys in the photo-taking process is beneficial. It allows them to capture their projects in a NEW artistic way - which helps them release the need to hang on to the original version.

I hope this little solution helps solve some of your schoolwork chaos conundrums (and cleans up your basement a bit).

Added bonus: If desired, the photos can be given to your children as well as kept by you so everyone can re-live those special memories for years to come.

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  1. I love this idea! I am totally going to use it!! So glad you blogged so I could read it :)


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