Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up Experiment

I'm trying something new and posting for the Weekly Wrap-Up over at Weird, Unsosocialized HomeschoolersI don't normally post much about our classroom, but have had some requests. goes. :)

Highlights from this week:

We started an art unit on Proportion. We've been covering Design Principles and Art Elements throughout the year. If you aren't sure what those are (or how to explain them to a child), I linked the words to a great webpage that shows a graphic representation of each.

This month we are going to create art that is OUT OF proportion.
Proportion is why it is SO HARD to draw a person and make it look like the person you are drawing. If we draw the eyes or the nose just a little too big or too small...the drawing doesn't look “right”.

What type of feelings does this kind of artwork create? Fearful, humorous, uncomfortable...
We Googled all kind of images to get more input from examples.

My boys had to produce three "thumbnail drawings" (mini-drawings that brainstorm possible ideas for their projects). The project will then be drawn in pencil, traced in pen or marker, and color will be added last (like a coloring book).

I had the boys write about a pet they would choose to have if they could have ANY PET. Apparently, we would have a cheetah and a corn snake. (I didn't even know what a corn snake was before I read my oldest son's paper.) I love the things I learn from homeschooling.
Oh, and I've been getting my writing prompt ideas from this website: Super Teacher Worksheets

My two little musicians took on another English assignment in their own time. 
They composed a song. Lyrics and music. I wrote it down for school BECAUSE I CAN. It's a song about a crazy comet. It's pretty cheesy, so it should become a top forty hit any day now, right?

My church is spending 40 Days in the Word. We are on week three of the six week series. 
My pastor has been focusing his sermons on the Bible. 
This week, I had my boys listen to his sermon from week one (while they worked on their art project). He discusses archeological, scientific, and prophetic reasons  WHY the Bible is Trustworthy.

My boys take music and gym at the local elementary school. Because of this, they are required to participate in state testing.  So, we've been reviewing Math and English State Standards this week. There is also an odd little battle going on in my head. 
I tell my boys that the test doesn't matter, and that they should just try their best. (BUT I secretly hope they score higher than everyone else in the school so I am "validated." My oldest DID score really high last year...but little brother is up to bat this year - and I wonder if the teachers are watching to see if he will follow in his brother's footsteps.) *sigh* I KNOW what really matters in this world...and it is not test results. Now I just need to get my straight-A, honor roll, public-schooled mind to SHUT UP and focus on what it KNOWS.

We had some great character-building moments this week (read that: highly tense, extremely hard moments - that had nothing  to do with state testing). I guess it was just time to learn some relational lessons.
I wouldn't change those moments. Each one brought opportunity to learn, quiet conversations where we could connect, and eye-opening ways for God to move in our lives. 
Thank you Lord for another good week.


  1. Even though I don't homeschool, I still enjoyed reading this. It was another validation on why I don't homeschool. I am not a good teacher by any means and I know I would struggle at getting the points across. But you do a tremendous job and I love the creativity in your plans :)

  2. Stopping by from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. :) Very interesting art study. :)

  3. Stopping by from the weekly wrap up...thanks for the link to the art website. That looks like a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm so glad you posted this! I started following your blog recently, and I link up at WUH, so I was glad to see you link up too! Your art studies are pretty cool!
    Hope you have a great week!

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies! (and for the new gals, welcome to my blog!)I'm HOPING to do more weekly wrap-ups in the future.

  6. Another great art resource you're sharing here. Thank you! Great website you've linked to, too. Appreciate this.

  7. Looks like a great art resource! Thanks for linking up to NOBH to share your week's activities and fun!


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