Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Husband, The Saint.

Last night, I was snarky to my husband.
I only saw him for a few moments...and they were a bit "tense".

He pointed out my bad attitude.
I deflected. "I didn't mean to be harsh, why are you being so sensitive?"
We dropped it.

Well, apparently I didn't drop it...because I fought with him All. Night. Long. 
Yep, my dreams convicted me. Vague arguments, hazy frustration, a night of yucky half-conscious emotion.
I woke up exhausted...and sad.

So my husband started this morning with a wife who cried and sniffled on his shoulder before he went to work. I felt disconnected. I needed things "fixed", but he had to go.

"This is horrible!" I said. "I had a bad attitude last night, and now I'm a splotchy mess of tears and emotion. You shouldn't have to go to work and think of THIS all day."

"Yep, " he replied, "I get to think of a hot mess all day long..." (I winced) "but since you are a HOT mess, I think I can handle it." *he winked* 

And with that...everything was OK.
A man of few words...but he sure knows how to pick the right ones.


  1. God paired you perfectly! He is a great man...for a great woman :) Great job on noticing his awsomeness!!!

  2. Thanks Becky for writing about your own weaknesses and struggles. This was one of your shortest posts, but one of the best. Vulnerability is always engaging. Thanks!

  3. That's great. He sounds like a very good man. :)


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