Saturday, March 3, 2012

Even Our Cars Get Nicknames

We had a 1991 Buick Century that we called Li'l Brudder.
He was 18 years old and just kept "scrapin' along".  He was "such a trooper."
He had "the heart of a Champion." 
We joked that he was going to be in NASCAR someday.

That nickname (and our comments) came from the following Strongbad Email Video:

If you think less of my family after watching that video. I understand. 
Strongbad can be an acquired taste.
We actually had a Red Ford Windstar van that we named Strongbad. (My husband went through a stage where he was quite hooked on this Internet cartoon.)
Well, we recently traded Strongbad (the van) in for a "new to us" Ford Flex.
Is this picture blurry or is it just me?
As part of school yesterday, we did a brainstorming activity to properly name this new member of the family. (He/she will probably be with us for the next 18 the name needs to fit.)

Below is a list of name choices – and the reason why we picked them:

Big Red or Big Cinnamon – the car is big and cinnamon colored
The Clown or Bozo Jo – because it's “funny looking” a clown!
Lolly – schoolhouse rock plays through the radio...on every trip we take in it (Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverbs here...)
Mr. Sunshine – it has sunroofs
Milky way – it is roomy, SPACE-ious. (like outerspace)
Jupiter – (biggest planet, still space themed - must always be said in a goofy voice)
Mars - (spacey and red)
Snob - not sure my family is "yuppy" enough to ride in this boxy vehicle.
Flexy, Flexmeister, Flexinator - (Like Dr Doofenshmirtz from Phineus and Ferb)
Dr. Doof's Flexinator -  (Doof for short)
Money bags, The Drain - (all our money goes into the drain)
Uptight-inator, No-Burgers (said as one word) - We aren't allowed to eat in it - per Dad
Cookie - (as in: don't lose your cookies in it, don't EAT any cookies in it, and we can no longer AFFORD to buy cookies to NOT EAT in the car)

We may never actually agree on a name...but I'm sure one will eventually float to the top.
All that really matters is the fun we have as a family in the process.
Hope you are having some fun too. Whether it's reading this blog - or laughing with your own family. (Oooh, you could read this blog TO your family!)
Have a fun week,
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  1. I certainly enjoyed reading this! Your family cracks me up!!! I already shared with you my choices. I can't wait to eventually hear what it turns out to be :)

  2. You sound like our kinda folks! Being P&F fans, I'd probably go with Flexinator. :-) Uptightinator No-Burgers is hilarious, too.

  3. LOL, hilarious! Ours are always so old Expedition was Expy before I started referring to it by a lot of not-so-nice words and now my Tribeca is Becca...BORING!

    Anything Dr. Doof related would be my vote....or Cookie.

    Too funny, here from the HHH...have a great week!


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